Change from name servers at Network Solutions to Diner Websites Name servers use the following instructions:

  1. 1. Click here and log in to your Account Manager.
  2. 2. Within the Account Manager, select My Domain Names.
  3. 3. Select the domain name you want to change and click Manage.
  4. 4. In the green/purple box, select Change Where Domain Points.
  5. 5. Select Domain Name Server (DNS).
  6. 6. Under Specify the Domain Name Servers section, type Name Server 1 and Name Server 2.
  7. 7. To enter additional Domain Name Servers, click the Add More Name Servers link.
  8. 8. Click Continue, then click Apply Changes to accept the changes.

Make sure to remove any existing name servers. 

The name server will be provided at the time your account is setup to use your custom domain.