You can tweet directly to your Twitter account from within the DinerWebsites Dashboard. 

To tweet :

  1. Navigate to the Social menu on the left navigation
  2. Make sure the Twitter account is connected. You will see the Twitter icon in the connected Accounts column on the right. If it's not connected, make sure to have the account owner connect the account first. 
  3. Make sure the Twitter icon is visible in the "Select social media platforms" selection. If not turn it on by clicking on it. If you only want to Tweet, make sure only the Twitter icon is selected by turning off the others. 
  4. Enter the text you would like to Tweet
  5. Select the image by clicking the Select/Upload image button
  6. The media library will be displayed, select the image or upload a new one.

Tweet Now

If you wish to Tweet now, don't enter a date or time. Leave the blank and click the Post Now button. 

The Tweet will be immediately directly Tweet to the connected Twitter account. 

Schedule a Tweet

To schedule a Tweet, select a date and time and click Schedule Post. The Tweet will not be tweeted immediately, but will now be visible in the "Scheduled" tab and will be Tweeted at the scheduled time.