To add a new event navigate to the Event Calendar and click "+ Add New Event". This will open the Add Event form.

Enter the Event Name, and URL(optional), Event Summary and Description. 

The Event summary will be displayed on the list of events page, so this is intended to be a quick short description, while the Description is a longer full description of the event the visitors will see when they click on the event in the list. The summary is text only while you can embellish the full description with font changes, bullet lists, and links.

Event Dates

Event dates are critical. You need a date to add an event or it will not be displayed on the website. To add a date click on the date field and pick the date from the easy-to-use date picker.  If there is a start and end time uncheck the All Day checkbox and select a start and end time. 

You can add additional event dates by clicking the "+ Add Date" for events that occur on multiple days. This is recommended for events that are not recurring but have a finite number of days. 

If you have a recurring event, don't add multiple days or duplicate the event. For recurring events, save the event and click here for instructions on how to turn this into a recurring event. 


If the event is at the business location just leave the "On Location" turned on. If the event is at a different location than the main business location you can switch off the "On Location" and enter an alternative address for the event. 

Event Images

Once you save the event, you can add event images. In the low left of the screen (toward the bottom on mobile) you'll see Event Image and Thumbnail image Select/Upload sections. Click the Select / Upload button to specify an image for the event. This will open the Media Library to select an image. Don't worry, if you don't have an image you can just click upload in the library and the image will be added to the Media Library automatically. 

Images will be automatically resized and optimized for the best website visitor experience.