To Edit the Menu items first you need to click on the Menus module and select the menu you want to edit, for example the Lunch menu. Within each Menu, you'll find a Section. There may be any number of sections for each menu, but there will be at least one.  Click the pencil edit icon for the section to access the individual menu items. 

Once you have access to the items in the menu section you see a list of menu items. 

Menu Item List

The list of menu items has the following columns:

Sort - allows you to sort the order of the menu items displayed

Name - Name of the menu item, as displayed on the website

Price - The base price of the menu item

# Addons - the number of menu item add-ons specified

# Variants - the number of variants of the item

edit controls - edit, enable/disable, and delete controls

Sort Menu Items

The menu items are automatically sorted in the order added and the order they display on the menu.  You can sort the menu items by clicking the up and down arrow in the left column. This will quickly sort the menu items for you without a full-page re-load to save you time. 

Enable/Disable Items

This a very useful control to allow "hiding" of menu items without completely deleting them from the menu. For example, if you wanted to temporarily remove the item from the menu because it's not available, or if it's a new item that you are planning on adding later, but not ready for it to go completely live yet. This can also be used for seasonal items. Regardless, if you just want to temporarily remove the items which you plan on bringing back later you don't have to completely delete it and add it again later. Just disable it. 


Click the Edit pencil icon to edit the menu item. You can change the name, price, and description (optional). 

There is also the ability to add Addons and Variants to the menu item. Click the green + button to add a variant or Addon. 


Addons are useful if you have additional charges for adding to the base price. For example, a burrito at $9.95, may have an addon of guacamole for $1 or steak for $3 more.  These are adjustments to the base price in the edit screen. These addons will be displayed on the website and structured data for Google appropriately. 


Variants are variations of the same menu items but may be priced differently, based on the option ordered. For example, there may be a vegetable burrito for $9.95, chicken burrito for $10.95 and steak for $13.95. Variant are a good choice if there isn't a base product, but variations of the same product at different prices. 

Variants can also be used for cup of soup and bowl of soup prices. Or, glass/bottle of wine prices. We have a cool little feature to "hide variant labels" you may want to do this if you have a long list of glass / bottle prices and don't want "glass" and "bottle" showing up on every menu item. Just leave the first menu item on and hide the rest of the list for a nice clean menu display.